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Two kinds of printing we do for authors;

  1. Self-Selling Printing: we print the numbers of copies (1000, 2000, etc) authors want and give them to go and sell it. The cost of printing is 100% shouldered by the author.
  2. On-Demand Printing: we prepare the book for on-demand printing, register with an international print and distribution company. Then we sign an agreement with the author to co-market the book (we market, while the author also plays his/her role). Whenever a buyer places an order, the book will be printed for the buy on-demand. The cost of printing is shared between the author and the publisher.

All our books are published with an international ISBN (meaning they can be sold anywhere in the world, except for nations with certain restrictions) and translated into a minimum of 33 languages.

What are you waiting for? Call Austin 07038114922 to have your book published.