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The Place of the Father in the Family

Discover the timeless wisdom that will transform your understanding of the irreplaceable role of a father in the family. In ‘The Place of a Father in the Family,’ you’ll unlock the key to nurturing happier, healthier, and more successful children.

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11 Chapters

86 Pages

The family is the foundation upon which the society is built and the place of the father in building the home cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, there is a lack of understanding and misconceptions about this, which has torn families apart, and in other instances led to various issues within the family unit.  Hence the need to write this book to enlighten us about the important place that a father occupies in the family for harmonious living.

A father should know and take his rightful place in the family as the head. And as the head of the home, he is responsible for the wellbeing of his family. He makes selfless decisions for the entire family even in difficult times by taking the welfare and interest of his family into consideration. Fathers bless and share inheritances to the members of their family, lead from the front, and are paragon of emulation so that everyone can learn from them. Leadership by example is the best gift that a father can bequeath to his children. Fathers are also sacrificial, and sacrifice is the master key to open any door. Building a family is sacrifice and each father should strive to do everything possible to keep his family together, even when it is not convenient.

Reading this life-changing book on fatherhood will richly bless you and help clear doubts as regards the irreplaceable place a father must take to foster an atmosphere of growth, mutual respect and understanding within the family.

Sample Pages

Every father must learn to interact, listen attentively, and also seek to understand his children's perspectives and experiences.

Ifekwe Okwara

As a husband, you should love and give your wife her proper place in the home. Where she needs to be consulted, please check with her before making the final decision.

Ifekwe Okwara

When children are taught to save, they learn giving and how not to be extravagant from tender age.

Ifekwe Okwara

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